OA Course frontThis number of Moodle courses is growing by about 10% each month as educators and trainers learn the value of implementing open source Moodle. It offers advantages to both teachers and learners and you can start using or creating a course very quickly.

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Get Started

Course creation privileges are assigned to the teacher from administrator.
  • Select from one of three course layouts; Topic, Weekly or Social format (course settings).
  • Click “Turn editing on” within the blank course template.
  • Create the course!

Start with Activities

Most people start by uploading resources (Word/PDF documents, images etc) which is a great start but remember that these documents will need to be downloaded and opened by the learner.  It really pays off for teachers and learners to have a level of interaction with activities that are already in Moodle.

  • Assignments (issue tasks/instructions/assessments & get students to submit electronically.  Very useful for external authenticator soft copies and detecting plagiarism)
  • Lessons (let students catch up/review class work in their own time)
  • Glossaries (get students to build for understanding subject terminology)
  • Forums (online discussions)
  • Attendance (can calculate percentage for each student)

Great Tools & Resources


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Make the Moodle Course Front Page Look Good – Quick Guide

  • —Reduce scroll effect
  • —Increase user friendliness
  • —Achieve maximum use of space
  • —Add polish to the site
  • —Can be used in web pages, wikis, blogs or anywhere that allows you to view HTML code

Embed a YouTube video in to a Moodle webpage

  • Collate a series of videos on the same subject, no distractions

Embed a Prezi into a Moodle webpage

  • Creates an flashier/more interactive presentation
  • Can convert a PowerPoint presentation to a Prezi (Prezi can be embedded but PowerPoint can’t)

How to embed almost anything in your course

  • You name it, you can embed it
  • Check out lots of courses and how they are structured – free resources for your own site
  • download an entire course and customise for your own course

  Sheila McDonald


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