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Design, as with beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

People have different visions of what is regarded as good design.  With web design, there are many elements to include in the design process.

Examples are:

  • Website requirement/target audience
  • Usability (site design, page design, navigation and graphics)
  • Collating copy (writing the text for web pages)
  • Image preparation (sourcing images, choice of which version and placement)
  • Template design (getting the structure correct)
  • Client Approval (making sure the person pays actually likes the end result)
  • Testing (functioning and other technical stuff)
  • eMarketing (telling the world about your presence)
  • Maintenance (regular updates)
  • Training in maintenance (do it all yourself)

Learn more about the planning process we use in the Learn Web Design blog.

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