Is the target audience defined?  Do multiple visitor categories need to be accommodated?  For example a large company might have customers and investors where as a smaller business might specifically target customers only.  Without defining the target audience, assumptions are made and can often be costly. 

As part of an overall marketing plan the target audience definition should include headings such as age groups, ethnic group, special interest, available disposable income, Internet usage etc.  By working with these headings (traditionally called segmentation), you can better understand your customers and in the true sense of marketing best cater to the needs of your customers while at the same time make a profit for your business.

Having a clear image of the target audience, you can then move on to decide on what will be the best methods of reaching them.  For example, a SMS text campaign is more suitable for younger audiences, particularly if your business offers the possibility of downloading the latest ring tones.

It might also be true that you might have to use traditional media to reach your audience, at least to expose the brand to the market, once this has been achieved then other methods of increasing your market share would become more appropriate.

Ask yourself is the site a help or a hindrance in the process?  For example if the aim of the site to make a sale then the customer should not have to register and complete several processes just to get to the check out. 

There is always another on line store waiting to make the customers like that little bit easier!